Initial D Racing Game Machine Arcade Game


* Machine Size: (mm) 1150*1100*2150

* Shipping Size: (mm) 1150*1690*1860

* Power: 300W

* Weight: 350KG

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Initial D Racing Simulators- Continues the finely crafted tradition of providing technical style racing to the arcade that keeps players engaged and coming back.

With new character customization options, more cars, new game modes, and car customization features, Initial D4 is a game that is sure to keep your players happy.

The machine will offer new cars, characters and courses as expected but it also add Tag Battles for 2 x 2 play and it will use online play, which makes it the third racing game.

The machine comes with 10 popular courses including 2 new courses. The roads are more slippery than usual. Cornering hairpin curves will not be the same as usual. Practice acceleration and break works which has 10 levels to capture snow road.

And it includes new rivals from the new comic story, and 34 vehicles including 3 new models, including NSX, Fairlady Z Version S, Lancer Evolution X GSR.

In "Tag Battle" game play, the players can joint with friends and decide who will race up/down hill to race with drivers, and play the online battle with all around the world. There are gold and silver panels as the "A(Ace) Panel", once the team players get the same color, the "Tag Score" become higher to win the "A(Ace) Panel".


* An HD display (32″ LCD) and a new, high-quality sound system

* Redesigned control scheme for better realism

* Three game modes: Legend of the Streets; Time Attack; In-Store Battle

* New cars and locations to enjoy with expanded vehicle customization/upgrade options.

* Revamped IC card system stores data for three different cars, player profile, racing record & more

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