Whack The Shark Ball Toss Ticket Redemption Game Machine


* Machine Size: (mm)2030* 1000* 2500

* Shipping Size: (mm)1070* 1090* 1270 *1pcs

1150*1080*2040 *1pcs

* Power: 120W

* Weight: 200KG

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Attractive, Eye-Catching Game Cabinet Game machine -Whack the shark is new released by Bravo Amusement.

Whack The Shark is a brand new skill-based redemption game in a bright cabinet. Players demonstrate their pitching skills by throwing as many balls hit the rising shark within the time limit.

Designed specifically to encourage parents, kids, and friends to play together, players must simply hit the shark keep away from the boat to win tickets!


* Fun Game Play and Sound - Suitable For All Ages

* Bright, Dependable, Long Lasting LED Lighting

* Attractive, Eye-Catching Game Cabinet

* Optional Capsule Dispenser Available

* Optional Ticket Dispenser Available

Company Profile

Guangzhou Bravo Amusement, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is committed to offering fun and profits through developing & manufacturing & selling prizes, crane games, and redemption games. Relying on strong R & D capability, satisfactory services, innovative concept, and practical attitude, Bravo Amusement strives to create awesome entertainment products & services that meet the global market trend.

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